New Galley Wrap Samples

We’ve finally ordered some sample gallery wraps – the kind we’d like to sell. We gave a couple of vendors a try so that we could compare the results and decide who we’d like to use. Here are sample shots of the actual gallery wraps.



The top one is a regular print on canvas while the bottom one is a metallic photographic print bonded to the canvas. I know, it’s not a fair comparison when it comes to image quality, but we were after more than just that. What we want is a product that is durable as well as beautiful.

When we received the products in the mail both of them looked great on the wall but the top one was somewhat more fragile. The bottom one has a reinforced backing that protects the image from warping, while keeping it pulled taut as well. The corners are also critical and the top one has loosely bound corners while the bottom one’s are tight.



Needless to say, when it comes to standard gallery wraps, I know which one we’ll be choosing. I want the best for our customers.

Of course, with the comparisons complete, I just had to hang my favorite on the wall above my computer, even though it doesn’t match:


I love that metallic sheen… and the model, too!

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