Change In Business Focus

You may notice if you are here and have been to the site previously, that a page is missing and there is a change in the home page. That page that is missing is “Weddings”. We are no longer offering our services for weddings and events, but are instead attempting to focus our creativity towards other types of photography.

This may seem like a more selfish endeavor or less-friendly way to use our skills, but it is a more honest way for us to express our creative side. We have been less and less interested in the wedding/portait side of the business and more interested in simply taking pictures that satisfy us. Moreover, since we do this business part-time, we do not feel that we have the time or bandwidth necessary to dedicate to our customers in order to treat them fairly.

We will still take portraits, but mainly of family and friends, but our true business focus will be now geared towards stock photography. Once I build my portfolio on stock sites, I will publish a link to our online album(s).

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

A Time For Change

It has been a long time since I’ve posted anything, but we’ve decided to upgrade the web site. You’ll notice that it’s different now – and it doesn’t have much stuff on it yet. That’s okay: it will get better – change isn’t always bad. It will just take a little time to sort out the new site settings and template. It will be an ongoing process.

Thank you for your patience!

New Galley Wrap Samples

We’ve finally ordered some sample gallery wraps – the kind we’d like to sell. We gave a couple of vendors a try so that we could compare the results and decide who we’d like to use. Here are sample shots of the actual gallery wraps.



The top one is a regular print on canvas while the bottom one is a metallic photographic print bonded to the canvas. I know, it’s not a fair comparison when it comes to image quality, but we were after more than just that. What we want is a product that is durable as well as beautiful.

When we received the products in the mail both of them looked great on the wall but the top one was somewhat more fragile. The bottom one has a reinforced backing that protects the image from warping, while keeping it pulled taut as well. The corners are also critical and the top one has loosely bound corners while the bottom one’s are tight.



Needless to say, when it comes to standard gallery wraps, I know which one we’ll be choosing. I want the best for our customers.

Of course, with the comparisons complete, I just had to hang my favorite on the wall above my computer, even though it doesn’t match:


I love that metallic sheen… and the model, too!

Snowpocalypse 2010

As you can probably tell from the site banner, we up in the DC area have been having a bit of snow. And by a bit, we mean several feet. Needless to say, business is pretty much non-existent at the present time.

However, we have been fortunate enough to have some time to order a few gallery prints for marketing materials as well as for customers. In the process, we’ve been trying out new print vendors and that process is always trying. Hopefully, they will all turn out well.

Of course, we may not know how things turn out for quite some time: deliveries have all but stopped for the time being.